Unemployment Claims Administration

A remarkable 11% of unemployment benefits are paid by mistake, and 19% of that number are because of the employer dispatching faulty or overdue information.  A partnership with NTC will eliminate those mistakes whilst saving you time and money.


For Employers Only

Successful tax rate reduction efforts begin with professional claims administration. Your dedicated, degreed Claims Analyst is an expert in eligibility laws and state specific procedures. Your Claims Analyst will partner with the appropriate personnel to ensure that all claims responses are submitted in a thorough and timely manner. No incomplete or late responses are allowed. Determinations will be carefully reviewed and appropriate appeals are filed if needed.

When a contested unemployment claim results in an appeals hearing, NTC will ensure that you benefit from the best advice and guidance in preparing documentation and witnesses. Our experienced hearings specialists will guide you every step of the way to ensure a favorable outcome.

  • NTC team has served our company for over 4 years and helped us recover millions in state and federal tax credits. I highly recommend NTC.
    Ed Campbell, Controller..97 nursing facilities
  • "NTC consulting services have proven to be an asset for our school system. NTC secured our new reduced pricing for a three-year term, ensuring we are provided the best value available. I highly recommend National Tax Credit for any school system. Their program is simple to implement and costs absolutely nothing unless they provide actual savings." (view letter)
    Ed Miller, Ed.D. Superintendent
  • "NTC has recovered hundreds of thousands in tax credits for our 300 locations across the US. They respond efficiency and bring passion and drive to our tax credit program."  
    Gloria Watson, Levecke Companies
  • It’s not what you’ve missed, but how you handle the opportunity when it’s too big to pass by. NTC offered a compelling solution that engages cutting edge technology, and superior customer service. Their platform really makes it easy to capture the credits that makes an impact to your bottom line. Jasmin T. Espy-President - Summit Staffing
  • NTC used a mix of environmental tax credits and incentives, client pooling, and "win-win" negotiating procedures to reduce our waste disposal costs by 35%.
    Terry Pfeifer, ACI Companies
  • "NTC Environmental Team cut our cost for over 100 locations $97,300 per year with the same waste hauling service we had used  for over 10 years" 
    John Reeves- Sunbelt Properties