Our efforts in the area of real estate lease management produces millions of dollars in savings for our clients. These results enable our clients to strengthen their store performance and offset increases in costs of operations, including healthcare and wages, and sustain viability and profitability in an economic environment that historically favors landlords. NTC’s lease negotiation process serves to avoid lopsided outcomes that favor the landlords. We understand what is necessary for our clients to thrive in the modern business climate and are fully committed to adding meaningful and quantifiable value to our client’s bottom line.


NTC has decades of experience acting as a lease negotiation specialist for commercial real estate leases. Our clients consist of national restaurant brands including franchisers and franchisees, as well as retail corporations. Our industry insight and experience gives our clients confidence when negotiating with landlords or their representatives. Furthermore, we manage negotiations on behalf of our clients exclusively, avoiding any potential conflict of interest. Our goal is to achieve meaningful results for our clients throughout this complex and time-consuming process. The following are our areas of expertise:

  • Lease Renewal and Lease Option Term Restructuring
  • Lease Allowance Negotiations
  • New Lease Negotiations
  • Current Lease/Rent Relief Negotiations
  • Lease Termination Negotiations
  • Negotiating extended lease coverage
  • Restructuring common area maintenance charges (CAM)

Success Story #1


Tenant’s lease to expire in 2017. Tenant required to remodel the store in 2015 to meet Franchisor compliance requirements. Tenant needed to spend $80,000 on remodel. Outcome: the existing lease and the options restructured to produce rent savings of $86,570 over the next twelve months and $40,000 in landlord allowances for a total of $126,570.

Success Story #2


Tenant’s lease expires in 2015 with no options. Outcome: lease renewal negotiated that achieves a saving over the tenant’s last month’s rent of $151,479 over the next ten years and a $12,000 landlord allowance toward minor remodeling.

Success Story #3


Tenant needed to terminate lease for a failing store to consolidate the trade area into another store located more favorably. The lease had over five years of term commitment remaining. Outcome: the lease was terminated for a tenant saving of $215,000 of annualized losses over the remaining term.

Success Story #4


Tenant lease renewal with existing limited option term coverage in place. Outcome: negotiated twenty years of lease coverage including a five year renewal with three X5 year options. Negotiated a five year rent reduction of $51,960 and ten years of $99,300 over the existing rents. Rent reduction over twenty years is $131,000.

This substantially strengthened the store profitability for the long term.

  • It’s not what you’ve missed, but how you handle the opportunity when it’s too big to pass by. NTC offered a compelling solution that engages cutting edge technology, and superior customer service. Their platform really makes it easy to capture the credits that makes an impact to your bottom line. Jasmin T. Espy-President - Summit Staffing
  • NTC team has served our company for over 4 years and helped us recover millions in state and federal tax credits. I highly recommend NTC.
    Ed Campbell, Controller..97 nursing facilities
  • NTC used a mix of environmental tax credits and incentives, client pooling, and "win-win" negotiating procedures to reduce our waste disposal costs by 35%.
    Terry Pfeifer, ACI Companies
  • "NTC consulting services have proven to be an asset for our school system. NTC secured our new reduced pricing for a three-year term, ensuring we are provided the best value available. I highly recommend National Tax Credit for any school system. Their program is simple to implement and costs absolutely nothing unless they provide actual savings." (view letter)
    Ed Miller, Ed.D. Superintendent
  • "NTC has recovered hundreds of thousands in tax credits for our 300 locations across the US. They respond efficiency and bring passion and drive to our tax credit program."  
    Gloria Watson, Levecke Companies
  • "NTC Environmental Team cut our cost for over 100 locations $97,300 per year with the same waste hauling service we had used  for over 10 years" 
    John Reeves- Sunbelt Properties