Real Estate Lease Management Announcement

NTC is proud to announce our new Real Estate Lease Management Service. In conjunction with the Property Tax Assessment product, we have expanded our suite of Real Estate services to provide our clients another opportunity to leverage NTC’s expertise in reducing expenses across their corporate cost structure.

Leading the NTC team will be Mr. Steve Kesler, VP of Lease Management Services. Steve brings over 25 years of commercial real estate experience specializing in restaurant and retail commercial lease management.

NTC’s Real Estate Lease Management services include:

  • Lease Restructuring of Options of Rent – Rework existing lease rents to strengthen store performance.
  • Current Term Rent Restructuring – Modify existing lease rents.
  • Lease Extensions Optimized – Negotiate the best terms achievable where options for lease renewal do not exist.
  • Remodeling Allowance Negotiation – Maximize landlord contribution to tenant remodeling.
  • New Lease Negotiation – Optimize business terms and landlord allowances.
  • Lease Terminations – Negotiate early lease termination for unprofitable locations
  • Complete Portfolio Turnaround – Comprehensive restructuring of all your store rents.

For more information on our Real Estate Lease Management services: 

Steve Kesler | (404) 805-3500 | |