Energy Savings

Identify, Maximize, and Sustain energy savings with NTC’s energy management services



  • NTC team has served our company for over 4 years and helped us recover millions in state and federal tax credits. I highly recommend NTC.
    Ed Campbell, Controller..97 nursing facilities
  • "NTC consulting services have proven to be an asset for our school system. NTC secured our new reduced pricing for a three-year term, ensuring we are provided the best value available. I highly recommend National Tax Credit for any school system. Their program is simple to implement and costs absolutely nothing unless they provide actual savings." (view letter)
    Ed Miller, Ed.D. Superintendent
  • "NTC has recovered hundreds of thousands in tax credits for our 300 locations across the US. They respond efficiency and bring passion and drive to our tax credit program."  
    Gloria Watson, Levecke Companies
  • "NTC Environmental Team cut our cost for over 100 locations $97,300 per year with the same waste hauling service we had used  for over 10 years" 
    John Reeves- Sunbelt Properties
  • NTC used a mix of environmental tax credits and incentives, client pooling, and "win-win" negotiating procedures to reduce our waste disposal costs by 35%.
    Terry Pfeifer, ACI Companies
  • It’s not what you’ve missed, but how you handle the opportunity when it’s too big to pass by. NTC offered a compelling solution that engages cutting edge technology, and superior customer service. Their platform really makes it easy to capture the credits that makes an impact to your bottom line. Jasmin T. Espy-President - Summit Staffing

Energy Procurement

NTC manages the energy procurement process for clients saving them TIME, MONEY and RESOURCES. We will work closely with you to understand your procurement needs and provide solutions that meet your objectives.

Energy opportunities differ by region, supplier, customer type and industry. Identifying and capturing these opportunities requires constant exposure to suppliers and their activities within each market.

We work with all reputable commercial energy suppliers to find the most competitive gas and electricity prices and contractual terms to fit your organization.

This process includes the following:

  •  Reviewing current supplier contracts.
  •  Compiling the necessary data to approach the supply market.
  •  Searching the whole market for the most suitable contracts.
  •  Giving recommendations to guide your choice of new contract term, supplier, rate structure, etc.
  •  Negotiating prices and contractual terms on your behalf, clarifying terms and conditions.
  •  Obtaining credit clearance.

Contract expiration dates should not be the sole driver for energy procurement. We constantly monitor market dynamics to identify the best possible purchase opportunities and identify strategic sourcing opportunities. Our proactive approach allows you to capitalize on energy opportunities.

NTC specializes in purchasing energy on behalf of companies. We can lead you to strategic energy procurement that ensures you’re getting the best value for your energy dollar.

Energy Bill Analysis

NTC analyzes utility bills for clients, saving them time, money, and resources.

Errors in any aspect of the billing process can result in overcharges by utility companies, including incorrect taxation, meter problems, calculation mistakes, and improper use of rates or contract pricing.

Organizations with multi-site locations are especially challenged with trying to avoid these costly billing mistakes over a portfolio of facilities billed by various utility companies.  Most organizations lack the staff resources, time and expertise to effectively analyze the utility audits.

NTC’s comprehensive utility bill audit is contingency based and can result in refunds or credits and long-term future savings.

Energy Manufacturing Tax Audits

Exemption from state sales tax for the energy directly consumed in the manufacturing process may apply to qualifying businesses. Manufacturing tax audits determine the energy consumption used specifically for manufacturing. Once determined, you can claim exemption from sales tax for those costs.

Manufacturing tax exemption surveys are a time consuming experience that results in over inclusiveness which may lead to a state audit and appeal.. NTC is expert in the audit and appeals process and can minimize the impact of a state audit on your company.

Whether you lack documentation entirely, need to update an existing survey or are currently under audit, we can provide the experienced support you need.

NTC is the premier provider of manufacturing tax audit surveys. We can offer you state-required documentation, improve your current claims, ensure refunds, and guarantee future savings.

LEED Certification

LEED is a third party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2000 through a consensus based process, LEED serves as a tool for buildings of all types and sizes. LEED certification offers third party validation of a project’s green features and verifies that the building is operating exactly the way it was designed to.


How does LEED work?

LEED is a point based system where building projects earn LEED points for satisfying specific green building criteria. Within each of the seven LEED credit categories, projects must satisfy particular prerequisites and earn points.

The five categories include Sustainable Sites (SS), Water Efficiency (WE), Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources (MR) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). An additional category, Innovation in Design (ID), addresses sustainable building expertise as well as design measures not covered under the five environmental categories. LEED certification is available in four progressive levels according to the following scale:


NTC will help you obtain one or all of the following levels:

  • Certified
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Contact NTC Staff today to discuss how we can help achieve “go green” and LEED Certification.

Green Energy-Renewable Energy Certificates

NTC assists clients in pursuing green energy with Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s)

RECs represent the environmental attributes of the power produced from renewable energy projects and can be sold separately from the physical electricity.

RECs are currently used by utilities and marketers to supply renewable energy products to end-use customers.

Renewable electricity (green energy) is attractive for their environmental and greenhouse gas reduction benefits when compared to conventional fossil fuel-based electricity generation.  Renewable energy certificates (credits) are the most productive way to participate in the green energy environment.

Organizations can buy green certificates whether or not they have access to green power through their local utility or a competitive electricity marketer. And they can purchase green certificates without having to switch electricity suppliers.  RECs are quickly becoming the currency of renewable energy markets, primarily because of their flexibility and the fact that they are not subject to the geographic and physical limitations of commodity electricity.

NTC will identify the best practice models to incorporate RECs.