National Tax Credit Announces Partnership with BeneStream to Bring New Cost-Savings Program to Businesses


Partnership to create joint offering of NTC’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit product and BeneStream’s Medicaid Migration™ product


New York, NY, October 14, 2015National Tax Credit (“NTC”) today announced a partnership with BeneStream, the industry leader in the field of providing businesses innovative cost saving products and services by connecting qualified employees to government benefits such as Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps) and Lifeline Phones. This relationship will enable the seamless incorporation of BeneStream’s signature product, Medicaid Migration™ into NTC’s WOTC and state tax credit screening technology platform.


BeneStream is a health technology company that reduces costs for businesses by connecting qualified employees to government benefits. NTC, an Inc. 500 Company, is a leading expert in federal and state tax credit processing, along with green incentives and carbon credits, with clients nationwide.


“Businesses around the country are cutting healthcare costs using a new program created by The Affordable Care Act. Medicaid Expansion is a ‘win-win’ for businesses and their workers. The new law turned Medicaid into a program that covers millions of workers as well as the unemployed,” said Jason McCauley, CEO of NTC. “NTC is committed to working with best-in-class industry leaders and Medicaid Migration™ is the type of innovative program that NTC is proud to bring to our clients.”


“WOTC and Medicaid work with similar employee populations.  NTC is an industry leader that understood the value of combining our products from our earliest conversations. Our combined offering will reduce costs and increase free cash flow for our clients while reducing unnecessary turnover,” said Andrew Greenblatt, President of BeneStream.


In addition to providing employees with less expensive and often superior health insurance, Medicaid Migration™ saves employers the cost of insuring qualified employees by helping them access affordable, quality health coverage. An employee in a household of four earning up to $33,500 may qualify for Medicaid.  The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), targets individuals in a similar population. Eligible individuals may include welfare and food stamps recipients as well veterans re-entering the workforce. By integrating Medicaid screening questions into its WOTC software, NTC will not only be able to easily screen and identify candidates who qualify for the WOTC and other workforce entry incentives, but for potential health insurance through Medicaid.


NTC’s WOTC & State Tax Credit program often saves its clients from $2,400 to $9,600 per employee who qualifies for the credit, and average Medicaid Migration™ savings can range from $4,000 to $10,000 per employee annually.


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ABOUT BENESTREAM—The Medicaid Migration Company™

BeneStream provides businesses with innovative, cost-saving products and services by connecting their qualified employees to government benefits.  The company’s exclusive product, Medicaid Migration™, delivers proven savings to employers by moving qualified employees onto free government-sponsored health insurance.  Watch BeneStream’s explainer video here.


ABOUT NTC—A State & Federal Tax Credit Company

NTC is a consulting and tax credit processing firm. NTC operates three divisions: Tax CreditEnvironmental & Waste, and Energy, specializing in state and federal tax credits and incentive programs, cost reduction, and optimization.


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